Esporão Olive Oil Pack 3

Pack with 3 different olive oils:

  1. Organic
  2. Galega
  3. Cordovil
  • 3x250mL


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Pack with 3 different olive oils:

  1. Organic – The olive grove has been certified in Biological Production Mode since 2009. Terroir olive oil produced from Cobrançosa and Arbequina olives from our Arrifes olive grove in organic production mode. There is a careful selection of the fruits from the field to the winery, obtaining in this way an authentic and genuine olive oil, full of aromas and flavours.
  2. Galega – Monovarietal olive green olive oil that has soft aromas, especially the apple, corresponding to the characteristic profile of Galega, the most emblematic olive variety in Portugal. Olive oil with mild organoleptic characteristics adapted to complement foods with delicate flavours. Ideal for seasoning fruit salads, grilled pineapple, cooked vegetables, delicate fish and ice cream.
  3. Cordovil – Monovarietal olive oil of green olive with sensations of bitter and spicy, characteristic of Cordovil, variety very representative of the zone of Moura. Sweet, slightly bitter and spicy with a finishing touch of nuts and green banana peel.





For better preservation of the characteristics of this natural olive oil, it is recommended to keep it in a cool place and protected from light.

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