Pack BBQ

A pack of wines that are perfect for a BBQ on a sunny day.
Discover wines from the north of Portugal to Lisbon region.


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Quinta Monte d’Oiro White 2018 – It is a blend of Arinto, Viognier and Marsanne from the Lisbon region, a very fresh wine.
Casa do Valle Grande Escolha 2018 – 100% Alvarinho the typical grape from vinho verde region.
Villa Nogueira Harvest White 2016 – A beautiful saline white, with a mineral touch and with notes of tropical fruit. Very fresh and dry.
Alto do Joa Rose 2017 – It is a different rosé, unique, fresh but with good persistence and structure.
Falcoaria Red 2015 – This red is versatile and gastronomic, representing the delicate balance between terroir, fruit and grape variety.
100 Hectares Superior 2017 – A typical blend from Douro that in the mouth is a massive and engaging wine.

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100 Hectares, Casa do Joa, Casa do Valle, Casal Branco, Quinta do Monte d'Oiro, Quinta do Porto Nogueira


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Casa do Joa

It is the harsh winters and the ruthless sun of Alto Transmontano which, without mercy on the land, compels it to free from the shale the best they have to offer our grapes. From the grapes to the only wine produced in this region goes the distance between tradition and innovation.

Casal Branco

Founded in 1775, the property today is now spread over 1,100 hectares. Of these, 119 hectares are occupied by vineyards in heathland soils. The strong focus on wine production has started a tradition marked by innovation, quality, and consistency of wines produced until today. Quinta do Casal Branco is a privileged place to enjoy multiple experiences around wine.

Quinta do Monte d'Oiro

Quinta do Monte d'Oiro ('Hill of Gold Estate') is located in the Lisbon region, 50 km north of the Portuguese capital, nestled between the Montejunto mountains and 20 kilometers from the Atlantic ocean. The terroir is a combination of limestone and clay soil, wiht a Mediterranean micro-climate (similar to the Rhône's Mistral), enabling slow ripening, natural acidity, moderate alcohol level and smooth tannins.

Quinta do Porto Nogueira

Quinta do Porto Nogueira’s origins dates the first half of the XVIII. For centuries, Quinta do Porto Nogueira's main crop has been the vineyard